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RSS 21ssorenson

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1 point

Even though I don't think that it would take millions of dollars to fix I don't think that would be an issue for a team that's worth 2.4 Billion dollars

4 points

So what if it cost him "millions" of dollars to recall the logo it's the least he could do because that team name has offended many of native Americans .

1 point

How does someone think wrong about their own opinion? I'm just having a hard time understanding how you have a wrong opinion

2 points

So what if the are not meant to hurt anyone if they do saying they're not meant to doesn't make it any better

1 point

Some mascot are just stereotypes of races or figures like the mascot at a California high school Is just a stereotypical depiction of a arab man. In the halls of the high school they have depictions magic lamps and flying carpets stereotypical items of the middle east made famous by movies

1 point

We should change mascots because when Abel Cooper’s daughter a Native American saw a Cheerleader running around in a headdress and Buckskin clothing she started crying and asked if they could leave. That is because they are making fools out of Indians the headdress that the cheerleader was wearing had feathers on it each feather could have been earned in battle they we making a mockery of them.

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