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RSS 21ebeardsley

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3 points

people curently belive that since a mascot depicts a race means that it is belittling the race when in reality thay are tryiong to show the races power. I personaly disagree with said people because yes they might be given a racialy backround but they are not meant to dimeaner

3 points

I disagree because even though these might be stereotyping they are used to prove a point with the strength of the people. They are not to hurt they are meant to empower the people and the heritage behind it.

2 points

The whole aspect of a mascot is to have a figure that empowers the people and if people believe that it is focusing on one race. That's because it is it is showing that they are a strong group that deserves remembrance an example. Is when in the report written by Elizabeth A she found that "journalists’ views on the issue and found some journalists argued that people are becoming too sensitive to the possible offensiveness in language and there was no reason for changing the names.

2 points

Not all people believe that the names are offensive and many actually believe that they are supposed to honour their people and congratulate them on becoming the people they are ,and they can also be heard saying that they believe they are a simple power a simble that empowers people. like when Florida State kept its Seminole mascot after receiving support from Seminoles tribes.

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