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RSS 19rtreml

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Also about the kids menu they will give you the healthier choice it is no charge for the fruit of vegetables

2 points

who cares about a mascot people care about the better food.

2 points

¨also mc'y d's has joined a partnership with healthy eating¨ says Clinton Globle

2 points

also you can get buy one get one free like the christmas pie you can pay one dollar and get one free...

-1 points

but you can get the dollar menu and get two double cheese burgers for the same as a big mac so you can decide

2 points

mcdonalds also has a double cheese burger for a dollar and burger king has a single cheese burger for even more!!!

2 points

They are also getting healthier because they are giving out apples instead of fries and in kids menus and they are starting to give chocolate milk and juice for soda.

0 points

McDonald is the better than burger king because it can give a better portions like McDonald has smaller fries so you get more for your money and burger king has big fries so you don't get that many.

1 point

but that is why they can just change the look so it wont be so offensive to the crowd or any body and say if people like it more than not what should they do they should just keep it because if they change it they might not get such a show up and might not get enough money so if they would not get enough money they might not have a football team.

0 points

But what if there is Indian kids in a regular school that love the name.

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