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RSS 21tnytes

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1 point

If the brain is not fully developed until the early 20's, it makes no difference to raise it to 18. Also if the driving age is raised to 18 drivers will not have as much experience and not know how serious driving really is, and maybe do stuff when they are fully mature.

1 point

I disagree with Granger, because if 16 and 17 year olds get into the most accidents because they are not mature enough driving, I think it will even more 18 and 19 year olds would die, because they just started driving and now they are entering the world of alcohol, and that will cause more drunk driving deaths.

3 points

I disagree with this because I think if people are saying teens are lacking experience, then there is no point to raise it because if you start at 16 then you will have more experience and know not to do stupid stuff in college because they will know driving is serious for longer.

4 points

Studies show that males brains aren't fully developed until the early 20's, so shouldn't we just not let all men drive until then? I say no because when they will have to bike everywhere, and in some places biking can be very dangerous. Also if they are over 21 and they just got their license they are influenced by alcohol and they will not know the seriousness of driving, resulting in more drunk driving deaths.

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