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RSS 21nanderson

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Teenagers have places that they need to be to like school, any practices that they have and jobs that they might have. parents can’t always drive their kids to school and all their other activities that they do. Teenagers need cars for getting around. Also having a car would do more good because it teaches teenagers to be responsible. for example if they have bad grade or something you could take it away, and they have to use their own money for gas which teaches them good life skills like managing money, time, and responsibility.

Supporting Evidence: (partly me) driving age link (
3 points

Some people say that you should raise the driving age because people’s brains are more developed when they are older, and that it would cause less accidents. People would have to wait until their early 20’s for their brain to be fully developed. That to me would be way too long to wait to get your driver's license because if you are going to any kind of college, or school like all throughout high school you would need to drive to get there, and you need to drive to your job, to get home you would have to drive there, and you would have to drive everywhere else you need to be.

Supporting Evidence: Driving Age link (Some of argument was my thinking) (
3 points

I disagreed because “Studies show that it is inexperience, not age, that causes accidents.” So therefore raising the driving age we would just see that the new drivers (that would be 18 years old) get in the same number of crashes as the 16 year old drivers would have because the same thing would happen all over again because since the 18 year old drivers are inexperienced then they would just get into the same amount of accidents that the 16 year olds do. This just means that instead of having 16 year olds die in car crashes 18 year olds will die in car crashes, and nothing would improve. Knowing this way we should just keep the driving age the same.

Supporting Evidence: Driving Age link (
3 points

“If you classmate gets in an accident, should your driver's license be taken away?” Raising the driving limit would be like punishing you for something that you didn’t even do. Most people label teenage drivers guilty before they even get in a car accident. Because there are an estimated 41,844,000 teenagers in America, and studies show only 2,524 teenage car crashes ended in death.

Supporting Evidence: Driving Age (
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