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RSS 21mhay

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1 point

the Washinton Redskins mascot is not a controversy with all Native Americans, however, it is the majority. There are many teams besides the Redskins that have names relating to Native Americans. They are not the only culture that is upset by a derogatory symbol..

1 point

There are more Native Americans that are offended than are not. They respect and cherish their culture. They don't want to be put into a category where people name them after sports that have to do with conflict and violence. Each and every mascot shows an Indian with tomahawks, or spears with war paint.

0 points

We are in a world where everyone is trying to be the same. Culture and heritage is disappearing in society. I think they should change them because Native Americans are very much into saving their heritage. Their wasy of life should be left and honored that way. Their way of life had nothing to do with sports.

2 points

I think that they should change the name of the mascot because it would keep people from having an excuse to protest about everything that offends them. There are too many people that find every reason to complain about one subject or another. This is just one area where we could prevent that. Margaret Carey said, "I was appalled, but I can't say I was totally surprised. People today feel like they can state their differences and points of view by riots and protests and other illegal actions.

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