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RSS 21kmayer

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Also other than taking drugs and driving, teens also tend to text and drive. As you know, when you text you seem to be focused in your texting and not what you're doing, this also causes car crashes. On June 8, a report was released stating that Tennessee bus crash that left two young girls and a teacher's aide died last December was the result of texting and driving. Says n7537710.html. This is proving that texting and driving is still an issue. People should not have to be worrying while driving, but because of the amount of teens who text and drive, this is causing worrying to others.

Supporting Evidence: Texting and driving URL (
21kmayer(6) Clarified
3 points

Here's the link for my claim about safety reasons (

Supporting Evidence: (
3 points

Another reason why the they should change the driving age is because of safety reasons. “Teens have the highest crash rate of any group in the United States.” says this is proving that teens tend to crash a lot. And of course, crashing is a safety issue. You want to feel safe when you get into your car and drive to the place you're got to go, teen drivers can prevent feeling safe. Like I said teen drivers can crash because lack of maturity, but they could also cause a crash if they are taking drugs. It is illegal it be drinking while driving, but that does not stop some teens who still remain to do so. With teen drivers, you don’t want to risk getting into a car crash with them.

3 points

You say that that the more experience you have at driving the better you get, and I am agreeing with this completely, but they also say that if you start driving at a younger age, it will give you more time to learn how to drive because you're doing it longer, so you will be better at driving than people who start late. But that's where I disagree. Yes you would be doing it longer, but learning how to drive may not the problem, it's the lack of maturity When a younger adult (age 16-17) gets their driver's license, this age, could actually prevent you from driving better because of lack of maturity.

3 points

I think the driving age should be raised to 18 because, younger drivers can cause accidents because of lack of maturity. A tragic incident happened with four boys and a 16 year old driver. Two boys were killed, when the car spun out of control and hit a giant light pole. This shows that the driver, clearly not old enough to drive the car. This example shows that at the ages 16-17 you are technically not an adult, and your brain is not fully mature. Lack of maturity can cause problems with driving, When a young adult gets into a car, they could to get excited because it's the first time they are going to ride a car by themselves, and when the young adult has all his friends along, they tend to forget the importance of paying attention, they tend to forget what a car can do, if you mess up. This is true because, not many people go outside and worry about being killed, well the same is for a car, not many people get into a car and non stop worry about if they are going to crash. So when the young adult freaks out or forgets about the importance, it can cause a crash.

Supporting Evidence: link (
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