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RSS 21bedwardson

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2 points

I know that people will still remember them, but if they changed the mascot, they may look back and think of the good times it brought, and if they if it brought good times then that kind of stuff won't matter to them.

2 points

We should keep the mascots, leave them where they are, because people like the traditional. You may say that traditions don’t matter, but for some people they do. According to Sarah Seekatz-a historian and Ph.D candidate-, “It’s ingrained for people who have been there for quite a while, they grew up with it”. What she means is that for some people, the mascot is what they’ve been raised with, it brought good memories, good times, happy times, and at the thought that they would lose all of that for a new thing would be sad for them, they wouldn’t like that at all.

2 points

We should not change the mascots, we should keep them. I think that because people in general don’t like the change. For instance, in Marquette High School, their Chief. They took the mascot away, resulting an angry riot of 1,200 people of the Marquette community. And as you can see people don’t like the change, they had a protest against it. Even though some people may want to change the mascot, the majority of the people want to leave it where it is, therefore, we should keep the mascots.

4 points

We should keep the mascots because it would cost tons of money to switch them. Not to mention that according the Dr.Benva, “It takes an average of $800-$1,000 to change the mascot, along with the logo, and all the other needed things.” This might even result the school to shut down if it’s low on money in the first place, and then has to pay to switch. Therefore, we should keep the mascots.

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