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People need to stop treating logo's disrespectfully. There is a school in California, and there are people saying that it is a false logo, and I summarized what they were saying, along with a spectator at the school. 'You might think that people with cultural logos are at least treating the logo not completely racistly but, what might catch you off guard, though, are its towering murals that depict scenes more likely to be found on the pages of “One Thousand and One Nights” than the walls of a high school building. Among them, a man and woman dressed in tiny vests and harem pants sitting atop a textbook-turned-magic carpet."

1 point

Native Americans should be considered as Americans, which they are. Ray Halbritter had something to say. “In a radio ad, tribe representative Ray Halbritter said, "We do not deserve to be called redskins. We deserve to be treated as what we are – Americans."

1 point

20gstark says "I think that people should not have to change their cultural mascots because it reflects their community, It is a sign of respect, and It is a tribute to the past. But I disagree because they are up there because they think that they are different that normal Americans, they consider them different. I don't see any caucasian people being logos.

TRC commissioner Chinta Puxley,

The Canadian Press says Justice Murray Sinclair, who spearheaded an examination of Canada's residential schools, says "sports teams with offensive names such as Redskins and cartoonish aboriginal-looking mascots have no place in a country trying to come to grips with racism in its past. "It's only indigenous peoples' symbols that are being utilized by sports teams. I don't think there is any cultural group that is subject to that anymore," Sinclair said in an interview. "People need to re-examine their behaviour — all aspects of their behaviour — the way they are doing business."

1 point

I don't think people should disrespect Native Americans by using them as a sports team logo. Cornel D. Pewewardy is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Teaching and Leadership, School of Education, University of Kansas, Lawrence. His research interests include multicultural education and indigenous populations.

Cornel D. Pewewardy stated, "Many schools around the country exhibit Indigenous mascots and logos, using nicknames and doing the tomahawk chop in sports stadiums with inauthentic representations of Indigenous cultures. Many school officials claim they are honoring Indigenous Peoples and insist their schools' sponsored activities are not offensive. I would argue otherwise. There is nothing in Indigenous cultures that aspires to be a mascot, logo, or nickname for athletic teams." What he is trying to say is, because of someone's race they should not be seen as a logo. They are Americans just like us, and I think that they should be seen as an American, because that is what they are. Then people take them and put them as a logo.

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