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RSS 21alocke

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1 point

Well it doesn't matter the age it matters how good the driver is or it's how mature the driver is and if they are responsible.

2 points

"The Oklahoman" in an article distributed recently by Scripps Howard News Service. The result is a patchwork of laws and arrangements. In most states 16-year-olds who have driven for six months without a citation can drive unsupervised until 10:00 p.m. After another six months or so they can drive without restrictions” this is more fair than raising the driving age to 18.

4 points

The driving age shouldn’t be changed because the kids who are really excited about getting their license but when the driver's age goes up there will be madness and kous and protesting would come and do you know the people who will be doing all that stuff 15 year olds, 16 yrs, 17 yrs, and adults would be mad too because they will have to drive there kid to high school every morning and have to pick them up until their fourth or third or second or first year of high school.

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