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RSS 19tstumpf

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1 point

McDonald has tried out new foods and some went off the chart others failed. But McDonald coming out with new foods makes customer want to try the food. This helps McDonald stay ahead of the competition.

Source: The Sales Lion

2 points

People like McDonald better because more people know about McDonald. For example, kids know more about Ronald McDonald than Freaky Burger King.

Source: The Sales Lion

1 point

What site did you use to figure out that information? Burger King has 13,000 locations and McDonald has 35,000 locations

1 point

Why is Burger King Healthier than Mcdonalds? I dont understand why.

-1 points

Yes, but how many people like those kind of foods at McDonald or know what that food is even about. A lot of people get fries and McDonald, fries are healthier in calories. McDonald only has 230 calories for a small and Burger King has 252 calories for a small. Both of there foods are very similar but some of the main foods that people get at McDonald are healthier for you other than Burger Kings.

1 point

Information from the website title callled; The Motley fool, To Educate, Amuse and Enrich

1 point

I think that McDonald is better than Burger king because McDonald has more locations. McDonald has 35,000 locations with 69 million people per day. But Burger King has 13,000 locations with 11 million per day.

1 point

Yes, but it will solve one of the biggest problems. It will solve some of the drunk drivers, and some of the highway safety.

1 point

Yes kids tend to go to more parties when they are teenagers. But I disagree because during the parties there could be drinking. This leads to drinking and driving. This is just the smallest mistakes. Therefore the driving age should be raised.

1 point

I think we should raise the driving age because many kids drink and drive. Drinking and driving is very common. Did you know that 32, 885 people died in 2010 in the USA. They died because of drinking and driving with traffic crashes. People will be more smart to know what drinking can do. This is why I believe we should raise the driving age.

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