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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

They made it so that it would keep the player dry, and regulate body temperature.

4 points

I disagree, many players are sponsoring Under Armour now. Many football players from the ravens, and also many NBA players. Under Armour is starting to have more and more sponsors. Pictures show from,0,4817893.photogallery

3 points

I agree. Under Armour has been using the same price system, and they say it's, value-based. The reputation is unchallenged and will remain the same.

3 points

Under Armour has also been making new fabrics that will help the players. They are starting new fabrics that will beat the elements, like water, heat, ect. Says

2 points

Under Armour's quality is improving as well. They have made more high-tech fabric that keeps the athletes dry and regulates their body temperatures. That can help the players stay active longer. According to

6 points

Although Nike's company is worth more, so is the materials they are using. According to the price of raw materials they use is starting to grow, so that means the price of the apparel will go up as well.

9 points

Under Armour is better than Nike. According to many sources, such as, Under Armour's variety is expanding. They've rolled out new clothing that can battle the elements. They also have something called Cold Black, which is black apparel that reflects hear rather than absorb it.

1 point

But, an infant to now has been 13 years to develop, 16-18 is only 2 years. And, your brain isn't fully developed when you're 18.

1 point

I agree. Then, if they don't have a job they don't learn the value of hard working and business wont have good employees in the future.

1 point

But, it isn't that easy to get around on a bike like it is with a car. If you want to visit family far away, or even just to get to a job or school.

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